Welcome to Aubrey Taylor Music!

Aubrey is a very experienced piano and voice teacher in Hyrum, UT (which is about 10 minutes south of Logan in Cache Valley). With a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Utah State University, she loves to share her passion for music with others. She has played piano professionally (both as an accompanist and as a performer) at venues throughout Northern Utah including the Grand America Hotel, Utah State University, and Desert Star Playhouse Dinner Theater. She has toured all over the country as a singer in her choirs and performing groups, and studied in depth collegiate private vocal lessons for 4 years as part of her schooling at University of Utah and Utah State University.

Aubrey specializes in providing a well-rounded music education, emphasizing music theory, styling, composition, history, and a variety of music genres as part of her teaching curriculum. Each of these elements help to improve the overall musicianship of her students, and help them build a love for music as they study their instrument/voice.

Aubrey is also experienced in the art of composing/arranging music. She’s written songs for solo piano, voice and piano, and also choirs. Her works have been performed by multiple high schools and churches. She enjoys helping any student who is interested in writing music to explore his/her creativity; and can offer guidance in effective chord progressions, form, and phrasing. She’ll also help them with recording and notation if desired.

Music can light up the soul and change people’s lives, and Aubrey’s mission is to spread goodness in the world with its power. She takes a very positive and encouraging approach in her studio, and cares deeply about each individual student she teaches.